Finally. Even though we are still having some cold temperatures off and on, it seems like we have moved into spring. Everything is turning green and flowers have started to brighten up our yards.

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
Finally. Even though we are still having some cold temperatures off and on, it seems like we have moved into spring. Everything is turning green and flowers have started to brighten up our yards.
Spring fever gets me every year about this time. Once that last snow falls, I start to think about all the things I want to do to spruce up the landscape. Funny thing is, a lot of things are still on my list from last year and even the year before!
It was weeks ago when I made my list of things I wanted to get done this spring. I've been able to cross off a few things, but the list is rather long, as it is every year. But for me, half the fun is just making that list and planning how to make everything colorful.
There are the boring things like spreading gravel in the driveway, washing all the windows, picking up all of winter's debris, and fertilizing the tomato and flower gardens. Then, the fun begins in deciding what kind of annuals I am going to plant to enhance the perennials that are starting to come up.
This year, the Memorial Garden that I have in the front of my house will have a peacock theme - with flowers of purple, blue, pink and red. When my mom lived here, she loved her flower garden, and it was wild and unique just like her personality. Since her passing in 2014, this garden space has been redone, but there is a climbing rose bush that still grows each season - a testament to another spring of color.
Each year, there are some of Mom's perennials that still spring up unexpectedly, and I smile remembering how my mom loved her flowers.
My plans this year include the planting of a lot of my favorite flowers in the rock garden and in the Memorial Garden. Going flower shopping - one of the special things about spring! I have about five places where I like to shop - places that sell exactly what I want and where the plants are healthy and vibrant. It is very tempting to get out there and get that shopping done, but I have learned from experience that you can't go too early. All of us know how crazy this winter has been, and I hesitate to go shopping now even though spring fever is rampant!
I will be establishing a pet garden this year - nothing fancy, but something simple to honor the memory of the cats who brought love, light and laughter into my family's lives.
Soon, it will be time to head out to purchase all of the things that I will need to get the gardens ready - soil, fertilizer, peat moss, some seeding for bare spots in the yard, new perennials and annuals. Then there is Amazon - where I can do some online shopping for garden decor.
In my backyard, Mom's lilac bush is gearing up for a lush display of purple. Oh, how I look forward to these flowers every year! The aroma of this sweet flower when there is a gentle breeze - certainly spring is here.
Most everyone's daffodils are done for the season, but long ago, Mom planted a lot of daffodils up in the woods behind my house. I can look out my kitchen window up into the woods and see the bright yellow of the daffodils. Such happy flowers, don't you think?
I was driving around in Keyser a couple of days ago on a few errands, and I saw some homes with the most beautiful gardens of tulips - an array of every color you can imagine. They were fresh and new, lending promise that each spring is a new beginning. And forsythias were everywhere - hues of golden yellows like the perfect sunrise.
And, what about all of those projects that seem to remain on my list year after year? Well, there is the dream of having everything I want. There is the dream that I would have flowers, rocks, teeny lights, and theme gardens - with spotlights of color. There is the dream that glorious flowers will line the fence, and big bountiful tomatoes will grow in the vegetable garden where my dad loved to toil and sweat. There are always dreams floating around in the brain of Trish Morgan...some become reality, some stay on the list. But, the fun is in dreaming.
Dream on, you romantic dreamers. Enjoy the weather, and make your homes - no matter how humble or grand - a happy place where color brings life.