Just another day. The alarm goes off, we get up, grab a cup of coffee and sit down and read the newspaper. A day just like any other day.

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
Just another day. The alarm goes off, we get up, grab a cup of coffee and sit down and read the newspaper. A day just like any other day.
We start to think of all the things that we have to do today - things like work, get the kids off to school, go to the market, keep our appointments, do the laundry and clean the house - you know, just another day in our hectic lives.
When I get up in the morning, generally one of the first things I do is go to Facebook. I'll check my notifications, check on any messages I may have received and then do some browsing on my news feed.
Most days, there are birthday wishes, photos of interesting things our pets do and pictures of our children and grandchildren. Other days, there are Facebook events to read about and add to our calendar, and we continue to browse to keep up with things that are happening in our friends' lives. Just another day in Facebookland.
Earlier this week, with my hot tea in hand and a cat on my lap eagerly awaiting her Fancy Feast breakfast, I am going through my news feed and I glance over an April Fool's Day plea for help the previous evening. My first inclination is to continue on with my browsing because I have such a busy day. I tell myself, “Just keep going Trish; don't get involved in something else when your plate is overflowing as it is!"
But, my curiosity gets the best of me, and I keep going back to that plea for help to check on the status. It doesn't take long for people to start joining in with the conversation on the post - trying to reach out and spread the word about this poor critter who needs help.
Now, mind you. I'm all about helping abandoned, abused, lost and forgotten animals. But, a raccoon? There is a raccoon stuck at the very top of a dead tree! A raccoon. Just another day.
Soon, the news is spreading all over the Tri-Towns area. Everyone is trying to help - whether it is offers of ladders, ways to entice and trap the raccoon, phone calls that can be made or suggestions of the best way to handle the situation.
For you see, not only is the raccoon stuck in the tree, the raccoon's snout is stuck inside a plastic jar.
When the word gets out about that, animal lovers all over chimed in with ways to get this resolved. Tall, dead tree. Raccoon in top of tall, dead tree. Raccoon with plastic jar stuck on its snout. No food. No water.
Now all of a sudden, the rescue of the raccoon is trending! Missy Smith, who operates a cat rescue called Whiskers, is now involved in trying to network with her supporters and animal lovers to make something happen.
Missy knows EXACTLY whom to call! It was not too long ago that Missy was involved in a very complicated and muddy and dirty cat rescue, and there was only one person who would get up out of bed, early in the morning, forego his cup of coffee and do what needed to be done. Shawn L. Snyder. Definitely Shawn Snyder!
Shawn immediately organizes a rescue effort with Floyd Norris, who had also worked with Shawn on a previous rescue. Plans were made for Floyd to bring his truck, climb the tree with his chainsaw and net, and get the raccoon down to remove the jar on its head.
I watched the video of the rescue on Facebook, and it was evident that the tree was very unsafe to climb. Floyd climbed as high as he could in the tree, using all of the equipment available to
him. When Floyd reached as high as he could go safely, it still was not high enough to get the raccoon out of the tree.
So between Floyd, Shawn and the others there to rescue the raccoon, it was determined that Floyd would have to shake the raccoon free from the tree. According to Shawn, "Floyd Norris shook her free...dropped the net and we wrestled her to get the bottle off. She walked healthy and happy into the woods."
While it's true that Shawn and Floyd were the two who actually rescued and freed the raccoon back into the wild, there were so many others involved. People in the community who cared about one single animal. People who believed that saving a simple little raccoon from certain suffering and death was worth it. People who spread the word, people who contacted Missy Smith to get the ball rolling. People around the Tri-Towns and surrounding towns who worked together as a team to be part of just another day...another day that became a special day!
Shawn summed up everything as follows: "I am going to speak for myself, and hope Floyd Norris as well, when I say we did this...for this baby yes....we both definitely concur our love for animals. We see the need and don't just fill it; we yearn to be a part...do some good in a world where people can sometimes care less for each other...and even more for the very creatures that God shared to us to protect and care for."
"But, with that said, this is for Whiskers - for all it stands for, branches out to be, for all it is to be. This is for Missy Smith in the same reflection we each know she commits to care and concern for all furbabies. Girl - you inspire a great deal in all of us, for which you can never know!"
Just another day in Westernport - where the simple life thrives, and a single raccoon lives to return to the wild. Thank you to every single person who was part of this happy ending. Every single one of you made a difference. Thank you for caring.
I'll take days like this ANY day.

NOTE: the video of the rescue is on Facebook on Shawn's page.