The Southern Rams set the pace for the game until the fourth quarter when the Frankfort Falcons made a comeback, but fell just short losing the game 44-38 against Southern.  
In the first quarter, the Rams set the pace with a total of 9 points; the Falcons kept up with a total of 7 points. Going into half time, Southern doubled their points and Frankfort added 8 points to make the scored 18 to 15, Southern.
The Falcons let the game slip a little bit in the third quarter. Southern scored 12 points making their total 30, and the Falcons scored 5 points making their total 20.
In the fourth quarter, Frankfort found there kick and outscored Southern with 18 points. Southern had 14 in the fourth quarter.
Even though the Falcons fought good in the fourth, they fell short by 6 points. The final scored was 44-38 Southern.
The Falcons were led in points by Parker Riley; he had 13 points. Riley scored 1 three-pointer, 3 field goals, and 4 out of 6 foul shots.
Jansen Knotts was just one point behind Riley with a total of 12 points. Knotts scored 4 field goals and 4 out of 4 foul shots. Blake Wasson and Drew Mauzy also were big contributors in Frankfort’s points. Wasson had 8 points, and Mauzy had 5 points.
Tyler Rodeheaver scored 16 points to led the Rams to a win; he scored 1 three pointer, 5 field goals, and 3 out of 3 free throws. Rodeheaver was followed in points by Korey Mitchum with 10 points. Mitchum made 1 field goal, and 8 out of 8 foul shots.
Brady Merrick scored 8 points and BreKale Washington scored 6 to help the Rams.
The Frankfort Falcons put up 1 three pointer, 12 field goals, and 11 out of 14 foul shots to total 38 points.
The Southern Rams scored 1 three pointer, 12 field goals, and 17 out of 28 foul shots. It all came down to the points made at the foul line.