Here it is...9:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. My deadline to this newspaper for this column is 10 a.m. "Liz - I'm not going to meet your deadline. Looks like it will get in to you by the extended deadline of noon...once again!"

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
Here it is...9:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. My deadline to this newspaper for this column is 10 a.m. "Liz - I'm not going to meet your deadline. Looks like it will get in to you by the extended deadline of noon...once again!"
So goes the life of a writer. Deadlines, trying to come up with a subject, finding a suitable photograph to go with the column, and then trying to write something that has some semblance to common sense, interest, practicality and pertinence.
I have just two and a half hours to put together something of interest. Well, I tell you - some days it is nearly impossible!
My life has been a whirlwind of activities including writing this weekly column, writing a monthly column for Allegany Magazine, writing press releases and social media posts for Embassy Theatre and Cumberland Theatre, managing five Facebook groups/pages, spending time with my grandchildren, compiling a daily list of community events, rehearsing for a play I will be appearing in at The Indie on Main called "Doublewide Cityside" in November, attending meetings, planning community events, supporting local musicians' performances, taking weekly voice lessons, refining long-ago acoustic guitar skills and squeezing time in to work on my first book and meet my end-of-the-year deadline.
October is my absolute favorite month of the year...and also my busiest. If you were able to read my column last week that listed many of the things to see and do, or perhaps you looked at the full list on this newspapers website, you are aware that there are many many things one can enjoy this autumn.
In addition to my personal "to-do" list above, I am managing to enjoy some of the activities that I have listed. The variety is incredible! There are community dinners, movies, festivals, lots of Trick or Treat and Trunk or Treat events, concerts, theatre productions, parades, fundraising events, free airplane rides for children; Halloween attractions haunted houses, barns and fields; soup and roll sales, hymn sings, corn mazes, costume contests, open mics, clothing giveaways, bazaars, magic shows, auditions, book sales, bingo, blood drives, open houses and Christmas parties. And, these activities are just on my list. There are many, many more in the communities in this region.
Now is also the perfect time of year to wrap up the yard work, do that final cutting of the grass and raking of the leaves, clean out the lawn mower and put it away for the season, cut down your perennials if they are done blooming, and start to prepare for that season we all know will be coming soon.
Yes, WINTER. We are all hearing various stories about what this winter is going to be like. For sure, it will be cold, and we will see snow and we will see ice. My shovel is ready, and I will soon venture to Cannon's Ace Hardware for my ice melt. I also plan to have the following kit inside of my car for emergency purposes; I won't keep it in my trunk in case the trunk was frozen shut.
Everyone should carry a Winter Survival Kit in their car. In an emergency, it could save your life and the lives of your passengers. Here is what you need:
    •    a shovel
    •    windshield scraper and small broom
    •    flashlight with extra batteries
    •    battery powered radio
    •    water
    •    snack food including energy bars
    •    raisins and mini candy bars
    •    matches and small candles
    •    extra hats, socks and mittens
    •    First aid kit with pocket knife
    •    Necessary medications
    •    blankets or sleeping bag
    •    tow chain or rope
    •    road salt, sand, or cat litter for traction
    •    booster cables
    •    emergency flares and reflectors
    •    fluorescent distress flag and whistle to attract attention
    •    Cell phone adapter to plug into lighter
I suppose I don't need to mention the "C" word...but I will anyway, since that's how I roll! Christmas now is less than two months away. Yes, I know many of you don't want to hear that news, but you can't stop the calendar, right? Soon we will be Christmas shopping, decorating for the holidays, planning family gatherings, and enjoying the holiday festivities in our communities. Every year, I intend to be an early shopper. In fact, there have been years in my life when I was an early shopper. But as with many of the intentions in my life, procrastination rules. There have been times...and oh, I don't like to remember this...but there have been times when I have been one of THOSE shoppers in the stores on Christmas Eve! And each year, I vow never to do that again!!  LOL.
THE SIMPLE LIFE. As hard as I try, life is not always simple. Life gets in the way of many of the things that make my heart sing. Life is hard sometimes, too. Life gets complicated, and we lose ourselves for a moment to the drama of those complications.
Yet, for me, I continue to strive to live the simple life. I continue to make mistakes, for I am imperfect. I continue to fail, for I am human. I continue to ask forgiveness, for I am worthy. Worthy of God's love for an imperfect, failing, sinning person.
I say to all who read my words from time to time - every single one of us is worthy. Every single one of us matters. Every single one of us can decide for ourselves to live the simple life - a life filled with promise, hope, love, compassion and understanding, tolerance and patience, and peace. But, the greatest of these is love. There is always that. A hodgepodge of love - all around us.
As I was finishing up my column this morning, I told a very, very special person that it doesn't matter what is written in your story so far. It's how you fill the rest of the pages that counts.
How will you live YOUR story? And mine? Mine will be a hodgepodge of all things simple, glorious and sad...and then simple, glorious and sad...thus is life...the circle of life.