The Butterfly Effect of Love and Inspiration. What is it exactly?

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
The Butterfly Effect of Love and Inspiration. What is it exactly?
According to Sandy Johnston, the following is her version of what it means to her - how it brings meaning to her life - especially after the deaths of two very special people in March of this year.
In Sandy's words - "I grew up in the small town of Westernport, Maryland. It was a wonderful childhood. We all played together, and for the most part got along and couldn't wait to see our friends and family every day.
"Our relatives lived close by, Sundays were for family dinners, we chased lightning bugs, and played kick the can until the street lights came on. We loved and protected each other. Each neighbor was always willing to lend a hand - with the expectation of nothing in return. In hindsight, it was a charmed childhood.
"While I left that town at a young age, those memories will never fade, and my gratitude for each person that played a role in my childhood will never be forgotten.
"My childhood and adult friends Tina and Joyce never left that small town. They saw changes over the years, though, that I had no idea were going on. Needless to say, this brought a sadness to each of them, but they NEVER gave up on what Tina would call, with a smile, 'HER TOWN'.
"My hope is to bring as much of that sense of community back as possible - to bring back what Tina and Joyce always loved about this small love and inspire others to do the same.
"While we cannot turn back the clock, we can do small things every day which, in time, will turn into a butterfly effect, and those ripples will have an positive outcome.
"I want the future generations of this small town to understand what it means to be a part of this community and to invest in it with loving care and kindness to all living things. I want to regain some of what Tina called 'Her Town' - a town that she and Joyce loved, and were fully engaged in helping others to do and be their best.
"I TRULY believe the world runs in a chain reaction. If you make a person happy, you are possibly making at least another 10 people indirectly happy. If you offer inspiration, you will be inspired. If you put love out to the world, you will get it back.
"The page on Facebook called 'Westernport Maryland Love & Inspiration Butterfly Effect' was created to remember all that we love and all those we love - past and present. It is about putting together the pieces missing from our daily puzzle and helping others do the same along the way - while creating a life of true intention, prosperity, love, inspiration, and abundance.
"I invite everyone to be a part of this transformation. Be brave, put yourself out there to be a part of the change ... it will come back, this I promise."
This Saturday, Sept. 23, everyone is invited to the Tina Montgomery Martin & Joyce Fink Alexander Celebration of Life Memorial at Creekside Park in Westernport - starting at noon.
Tim Jackson, a very special friend of Sandy's, has been so gracious and accommodating by making sure that two dogwood trees were planted at Creekside Park in memory of Tina and Joyce. Tim also made sure the dedication plates were etched and placed on the new park bench. The trees and the bench were donated by Sandy, although she would certainly not want recognition for that because as she said, "This celebration is not about me, it is for Tina and Joyce and the Tri-Towns' community coming together to celebrate lives well lived and continued care of your neighbors."
The memoriam service will provide an opportunity for the friends and family of Tina and Joyce to reflect on the joy that these two ladies brought to their lives, and to many, many people in the Tri-Towns community.
Deacon Harold Bradley, St. Peter's Catholic Church, and Pastor Sandy Cowan, Westernport United Methodist Church, will be in attendance to bless the trees and the bench, and offer inspirational encouragement to those attending.
"Some of the schools may participate in the "positive intention" rock painting, as well. REMEMBER:  the rocks are for sharing...take one when you need it and drop some off when you wish to help inspire others," adds Sandy.
PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PAINTED ROCKS TO THE SERVICE AND PLACE THEM AROUND THE TREES. These small painted rocks can have simple words on them - words such as peace, love, hope, joy, kindness, happy, hug...words of inspiration.

Tina Montgomery Martin
11/02/63 - 3/22/17

Joyce Fink Alexander
12/18/63 - 3/26/17

I will remember you both, always. We all will. Our lives have been blessed by the ripples you have created.
"The world of nature is intriguing and interdependent that a small butterfly flapping wings in the Amazon rainforest can generate a violent storm on the other sides of the earth physicists call "butterfly effect.
"Similar is the nature of change in a human's life, even a small change can bring about a revolutionary impact in your life. You can call it a change effect."
Apoorve Dubey ~ The Flight of Ambition

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Today's column commemorates one year as a contributing columnist for the Mineral Daily News Tribune. This milestone is made much more special because I could play a small part in sharing the celebration of two beautiful women today. God's and all. And, thank you for reading.