There is little else more special than when a son or daughter of yours places a beautiful grandchild into your arms. I can remember when my oldest son TJ brought out his first-born to the waiting room - with tears in his eyes and a heart full of love and pride.

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
There is little else more special than when a son or daughter of yours places a beautiful grandchild into your arms. I can remember when my oldest son TJ brought out his first-born to the waiting room - with tears in his eyes and a heart full of love and pride.
He handed my first grandchild to me and said, "Mom, isn't he beautiful?" I have never forgotten the look on his face and the happiness of that one moment.
Each grandchild brings a different memory. For example, with Ava, she decided to come a little early and compete for some TLC with her Nana. We were both in the hospital at the same time, although I was not in Labor and Delivery - HA! As it so happened, I had just had my first knee replacement (not something I want to remember, believe me), and I had to get special permission from administration to be able to be wheeled down to see my perfect, tiny granddaughter.
A year later, I had the honor of being in the room when my grandson Ryder was born. I had my two children a few years ago (LOL) by natural childbirth, so of course I understood the process, but seeing my son Andy's baby boy being born - that was so glorious.
As memorable as grandchildren's births are, those same children do many, many funny things that make us laugh, giggle and roar! They do and say so many things we would never think of in a million years!
My grandson Kamden was about 18 months old or so, and he lived in a house behind mine. One early morning, I was sitting in the living room watching TV and here comes Kamden walking by my living room windows - his overnight diaper sagging nearly to his knees and his onesie unsnapped and hanging! He had somehow come down his steps at home, unlocked his door and decided he wanted to come and see Nana! Mom and Dad were still asleep! Had to call TJ to tell him Kamden was here at my house, and that he walked over by himself. It WAS funny, but TJ and Sarah were not amused!
Now my granddaughter Aubree, who is 6 years old, she happens to LOVE eating at the Royal Restaurant in Keyser. She spends every other weekend here with her daddy, and a trip to the Royal is most always on the itinerary! In fact, Aubree has already spoken with Debbie at the Royal. When Aubree grows up, she wants to be a waitress there!
Here are some stories from some of this column's readers...ENJOY!
Diane Stott - "My 5-year-old grandson got in a wee bit of trouble, and was told to sit and not move on the couch. He then proceeded to ask this question, 'Are breathing and blinking considered moving? I can't stop doing that!' You can't help but laugh, and discipline goes out the door."
Sherry Smith - "My 9-year-old granddaughter, Emmaleigh Rose, will not touch pennies. One day, Emmaleigh wanted to go to the local Subway to get a sub. There was a parking space right in front of the establishment, so I parked there. Emmaleigh said she would go in and get it. I gave her the money and in she went. After buying her sub, I noticed she was talking to the cashier awhile. When she came out, I saw she was carrying two bags. One had her hoagie in it and the other had pennies in it. She got in the car and handed me the bag with the pennies in it and said, 'There is no way I'm touching pennies!'"
Vicki Taylor - "I remember a comment I made at my Grandma Toots' ceramics shop. Dad always called his boss Red Face. Well, his wife went to Grandma's for ceramics, too...out of the mouth of babies I said, 'Hi, you must be Red Face's wife.' Well - you could have heard a pin drop. I was a friendly child!"
Sherry Smith - "My granddaughter Myrissa, who was 5 years old then, and I went to Wal-Mart.  As usual, she rides in the cart. We were going down an aisle and I stopped to get something off the shelf. Just then an elderly lady (looked to be about 80 years old) stopped by my cart and says to Myrissa, 'My, you're a pretty little girl!' Myrissa put her head down because she is shy. So the elderly lady saw her raise her head up and said it again. 'You're a pretty little girl.' Out of nowhere, Myrissa looked at her and said, 'And you're an old lady!' Hopefully, the elderly lady didn't hear her. You never know what will come out of Myrissa's sweet little mouth!"
Judy Ord Patrizzi - "Two of our 2-yr-old grandchildren (cousins) escaped from our hotel room, took an elevator down 16 floors to the bottom.  Fortunately, we quickly found them.  We now call them the Otis Twins."
Tammy Frankenberry - "My mom asked my 4-yr-old grandson where he got his pretty teeth. He said 'Walmart!'"
Penny Sue Dove - "One of my favorite stories is about my youngest daughter's two children. Ally, who was 7 at the time, and Ben, her younger brother. Ben was only 4 years old. Ally wanted to go upstairs but she was afraid. I asked her why she was scared. She told me she was afraid of the monsters. Her little brother Ben, who was holding a play sword, started walking up the stairs. As he was on his way, he said 'Come on Ally, I will kill those monsters for you.'"
Vickie Fortney Lewis - "My husband Jim had open heart surgery, and though he was well, the scar was still prominent. I bathed our two granddaughters and sent them to him to put on their PJs. Jim did not have his shirt on when the first granddaughter Avery came to him. She said in a soft voice, 'Is that where they fixed your broken heart?' So sweet. The younger one, Kendall, with a much different personality, came to him and he could tell she was thinking something about the scar, and thought she might say something just as sweet. But true to herself, she reaches out and yells, 'Boobies, Granddad!'  She's had us laughing since she was born!"
Tina Whetzel Bosley - "My granddaughter Gabi called me to wish me a happy birthday yesterday morning (I am at the beach in Ocean City), and when I told her I was 51, she said 'Oh...I can't count that long' Got to love our grandbabies and the things they say."
Cheryl Loar - "My granddaughter Alli asked me one day how old I was. I chuckled and asked her why, and again she asked me, 'Grandmal (that's how she says it and spells it), how old are you?' So, I chuckled again and said I was getting up there and told her. Then I asked her again why she wanted to know???? She answered with the question, 'WHY didn't you grow??' I told her that's how God made me and the only way I was growing now was not up but out! Pretty funny! I always said I was five foot, but was put to the test, well really a bet, by her daddy (my son) that I was not five foot - and yes, he won! Just was funny that she thought I was not fully grown yet!"
Cora Groden - "My first granddaughter had a hard time with her 'R's', so she called her uncle, 'Uncle Wichie.'  I'm sure lots of kids had these issues!"
Judi DiObilda Baxter - "He's not my grandchild, he's my great-nephew, and one day when I picked him up at daycare, he had a cold. I buckled him in his carseat, and I said, 'Oh honey, you're a little horse, and he replied, 'Silly Aunt Judi, I'm not a little horse, I a little boy!'"
Robin Bosley Turner - "When taking my grandson Carter home today..... Princess Arria says.... 'Nan , I miss him.'  She then says..... 'I think I changed my mind!!!'"
Gay Armentrout - "When my Mom passed away last year, Addison, our then 8-year-old granddaughter, was talking to our dog, Feebie, and put it so sweetly. She said, 'It's the circle of life, Feebie, it's just the circle of life.' Also, going out Waxler Road with our then 4-year-old granddaughter Payton, Pappy said, 'Watch Payton, we may see a turkey.' 'A turkey?' she said. He said, 'Yes a turkey.' 'A turkey?' she asked again. 'Yes, a turkey,' he said again. 'Where do you think turkeys come from?' Pappy asked. 'Well, we get ours at Costco,' Payton said!"
Steve Whittington - "Floor fan wouldn't work. My 6-year-old granddaughter said she got it working. I asked her how she did it. She said she hit it and kicked it a few times, lol. West Virginia ingenuity!!"
Randy Ann DiFonzo - "I have twin 6-year-old grandsons, Sam & Vincent. When they come for a visit, they come running in and hug me, and I always ask, 'Well what's new, guys?' They both have to try and out talk each other with what they have been doing. They had been at the movies to see 'Captain Underpants', and they loved telling me the whole story! Love listening to grandkids' stories!"
Barbara Kalbaugh - "I used a mud mask on my face. I told my grandson it was to make me beautiful. Later, when I removed it, he came up to me and said, 'Gigi, it didn't work!' (he was 4)”
Cathy Jones - "My little granddaughter looks at my face, and said booboo kiss it like I did the one on her knee!"
Brandy Ritchie - "I don't have grandchildren - too young lol (no kids either lol), but I have a funny story about my grandmother, Sandy Lee Plummer Donahue. One day she was working on a jigsaw puzzle when we went to her house to visit, and I walked in to where she was doing the puzzle, picked up a piece and put it in its spot right away. She was like darn you....I have been looking for that piece all day!"
Rosalie Calemine Freeman - "When I am getting dressed and am having a difficult time buttoning the waistband on my pants, I remember my granddaughter watching me struggle.  Her words were, 'Grandma, you know if you'd zip those pants first, it would be much easier.'  I was 66 and she was 5 at the time. Still good advice today!"
Sherri Cook - "My grandson Brandon was about 2 when his mother got stopped by a cop. He said, 'Oh did you know you were speeding?' She said she didn't. Well, they talk a few minutes and the officer sees that she has F.O.P. tags. She tells the officer that her husband is a cop in Frederick. So, as she pulling out, Brandon says, "MOMMY, YOU FORGOT TO PUT YOUR HANDS UP!"
Scot Keli Taylor Schenck - "When my 3-year-old granddaughter Harlow was still in diapers, she walked past me one day with an especially saggy diaper. I called her 'saggy butt' and she turned and looked at me with the most serious face and said, 'Mi Mi, da name is Arwo!"
Robert Harrison Jackson - "I told my 3-year-old grandson that I couldn't give him a kiss because I had a cold and that I didn't want to give him my germs. A few days later I walked into his house and he asked "Paw Paw, you still got worms?"
Tammy Lee Ringler - "Not a funny story, but an awesome one. My grandson was born deaf, so we used to point things out and sign to him - plane was one he loved watching. A few days after getting his first cochlear implant activated, we were in the garden and he heard a noise. He looked up and signed plane!"
I hope you enjoyed these little stories today. Thank you to those who shared!
Me - I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me Nana. Something magical happens when parents turn into grandparents, don't you agree?