RIDGELEY – As police activity in Ridgeley increases, communication is an important concern.

By Ronda Wertman    
Tribune Staff Writer
RIDGELEY – As police activity in Ridgeley increases, communication is an important concern.
Police chief Josh Hartman reported to the council on 30 calls in the past month, along with several arrests.
One recent drug arrest in Carpendale netted over 370 grams of marijuana and pills.
“Our radio situation is bad,” Hartman said, noting that he purchased a hi-gain antenna at TWR for his car.  
“I am still testing the antenna to see if it does any good before purchasing any more antennas,” he said, adding that if the antennas don’t work then the price for new radios for each car on the State Police bids is $4,812.
A proposed tower at Patterson Creek may help, but Hartman says., “I am more worried about the safety of our officers. This end of the county is particularly bad with the radios.  I might be talking to Allegany County about using their frequencies and resources to have our radios work better.”
In other business, finance commissioner Butch Hawse reported blacktopping has been underway and the council hopes to do a couple more streets in the fall.
Commissioner Mark Jones stated the town received a quote to upgrade its handheld meter reading equipment.  He noted that there has not been an upgrade in nine years. This maintenance agreement includes all updates that are needed and it also covers repairs to the guns and handheld.  
Mayor Lynn Carr reported that street cleaning and cleaning of the underpass is ongoing.  He said the town’s employees have been doing an excellent job.  The streets are being taken care of and the police have been out patrolling the streets.  
“It is not said enough how well the town employees have been doing a great job,” said Carr.
Carr also reported on needed electrical repairs at the community center, noting that one bid was received but that no other contractors returned calls or put in any bids for putting up an outside light and night lights that can be turned off from the inside and putting more receptacles in the building. The council agreed to approve the bid from B&K Electrical for $2,400.