Although I did not vote for him, I have tried to give the new president a chance to prove himself worthy of the office he holds.

However, because of Donald Trump's tweets of this past weekend added to his other questionable activities, I believe we must consider the possibility that our government is being headed by a very unstable person.

Since being inaugurated, Trump has continued the practice that he used in the campaign of making provably false statement after provably false statement. I am sure his advisors have told him to stop making these false statements, but he simply refuses to do so. On Saturday, Trump tweeted that President Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower during the election campaign. This is an obvious falsehood because no president since Nixon has had the authority to order that anyone be wiretapped. Simply stated, because of Nixon's illegal activities, Congress passed a law in the 1970s prohibiting the president from ordering wiretaps on anyone.

Further, and equally disturbing, when Trump is presented with facts that disprove his notions, he simply refuses to believe the truth. The Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the FBI have flatly stated that Trump was not wiretapped. Yet he refuses to believe the people who would know the truth. Trump now wants Congress to investigate and somehow verify his false statement. Congress can conclude this investigation by calling one witness, Donald J. Trump, and asking him one question; where is the evidence supporting his accusation?

You may notice that I do not call Trump's false statements lies. That is because to be a lie, a person must know that his or her statement is false. Trump may actually be so paranoid as to believe his own nonsense. However, I believe his enablers (Conway, Spicer, Prebius, etc.) are liars because they know Trump's statements are factually incorrect when they try to defend then.

The fate of our nation rests in the hands of a thin skinned, paranoid, would- be dictator; and a Republican Congress that long ago put party and ideology before country. God help us all.


Robert T. Briggs, Prince George County