My little neighbor friend, Braiden, has been watching channel 636 for some time. I was unaware of the content of this channel; I am not normally a TV watcher; with the exception of American Pickers and Pawn Stars. This channel shows many of the western shows I watched when I was his age; Gunsmoke, Laramie, Bat Masterson, The Rifleman, and Death Valley Days. Plus they show movies of my all time favorite, Roy Rogers.
Braiden Michael Miller renewed my interest in a part of my childhood that I almost forgot. Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, Foy Willing.....on the screen they were good guys; and were good guys off the screen as well. Roy Rogers had a pleasant baritone voice and is credited for being among the first artists to have their records released on the then new 45 rpm format in March of 1949. Gene Autry, of course, was thrust into multi million selling record status with Here Comes Santa Claus in 1947; with Rudolph and Frosty not far behind. And as for the guy who wrote Frosty The Snowman: go to Queens Point Cemetery and pay your respects at the grave of Jack Rollins.
Roy Rogers started as a member of the vocal group Sons of the Pioneers, using his real name Leonard Slye. The group was put together to back Gene Autry on Tumbling Tumbleweeds in 1933; written by Sons frontman Bob Nolan. On this recording Gene and Roy sing a duet.
Roy didn't always wear a white hat. He was a "bad guy" in a 1937 Gene Autry western; and was a good guy always after that film.
We watched those movies on TV as kids; not realizing that they were made before we were born. I had a pair of official Roy Rogers guns with a holster; I hope my sister still has them somewhere.
I thought, in this age of this pod and that pod; mp this and mp that; that seeing kids with guns saying "I'm Roy Rogers" playing outside belonged way "back in the day." The guns are plastic; Braiden and his friends are doing what many of us did; hunting down the bad guys. Braiden HAS to be Roy Rogers; and carries on a tradition begun decades ago. In 1952 Roy decided to go into the restaurant business and opened his first Roy Rogers Family Restaurant in California. That year his radio show went on television; and he and his wife Dale Evans introduced "Happy Trails" thier longtime theme song. And it is not a hard guess which restaurant Braiden likes to go; and yes; he's in the Buckaroo Club.
Roy, Gene, and Tex: they taught us how to shoot straight; as positive role models.