David Bowie is best known as a 1970s and '80s artist, but his first records were released in 1967. And from a personal standpoint, I like the 1967-71 period of his life the best. His real name was Robert David Jones and when Decca Records in the UK signed him, it was decided that with the Monkees the hottest thing in the music biz at the time, David Jones may be a bit confusing, so he became David Bowie. In 1967, the LP was starting to gain recognition over the 45, but new artists were introduced via a single or two and then the ensuing album. It was different for David Bowie. The American branch of Decca, London, released the David Bowie album on the Deram subsidiary in the spring of 1967. A single which I really like, "Love You 'Til Tuesday," was released. The album was sent to radio stations first; "Love You 'Til Tuesday" was played here on WCUM. Older readers in the Keyser area may recall if it were played on WKLP; possibly; Larry Travis was not afraid to play new material by new artists. After a followup 45,  "Rubber Band," he was moved to the parent London label with "The Laughing Gnome" ion 1968. The next year, his newest release, "Space Oddity," was released on the Mercury label in the US. It was played locally and started to generate some action.....but this was before the moon landing and a song about a malfunction in a space capsule scared programmers. The record hung on and even bubbled under the Hot 100 in the fall; after the successful moon landing in July. His followup was "Memory of A Free Festival," which unfortunately I don't have in my collection, as well as the third Mercury release, "All The Madmen." Then in 1972 he moved to RCA in the US and his career took off. The two Mercury LPs were released on RCA and became huge sellers. Even "Space Oddity" was re-released and became a top ten single. Bowie blazed trails and became a trailblazer that many followed in launching their own careers. He  fought his cancer and kept it private and was upbeat to the very end. He will be missed; even on death's doorstep he found time to record a new album, which ironiccally has become his first ever number one album on the Billboard Top 200 charts.