We just talked about the Midnighters, and Henry (Hank) Ballard. By 1958, the hits stopped coming and King/Federal was ready to drop the act from their roster. That summer, they were in Baltimore and appeared on WBAL-TV's Buddy Deane Show. Hank had written a song called The Twist and introduced it on the show. Kids started "twisting" in the aisles and went berserk. Buddy sent a demo record of The Twist to his friend Dick Clark in Philadelphia, host of American Bandstand. He told Dick "this is what we have here in Baltimore...could start something nationwide." Meanwhile Hank recorded The Twist for Vee Jay records, as King said they were going to drop the act. Clark was not enthused. He considered Ballard's records "dirty" and refused to play them. But he thought the twist had potential. He had discovered a young singer named Ernest Evans singing in a Philly fish market and dubbed him Chubby Checker after Mrs. Clark said he looked "like a young Fats Domino." The first release, on the new Parkway label was "The Class" with Chubby doing impersonations of recording artists of the day. It was a top 40 hit. But followups "Samson and Delilah" and "Dancing Dinosaur" did nothing. So, Clark decided to have Chubby cover The Twist exactly as Ballard and Chubby even sounded like him. (I used to play the Ballard version at record hops and nobody knew the difference). But Chubby's record stalled and looked like another "Dancing Dinosaur." But then it started to take off and in the summer of 1960, the nationwide twist craze was born. Hank's original version on King became a hit and Hank's career was rejuvenated with "Finger Poppin Time" being his first top ten pop hit. I wonder if he ever thanked Dick Clark? I am not sure if Ballard even appeared on American Bandstand after 1960 but The Twist was good for Chubby and Hank. It is interesting that first pressings of Chubby's Twist, on a gray Parkway label, list Ballard as the writer and subsequent pressings show no writer's credit. And Vee Jay Records never released The Twist after King wisely decided to resign the Midnighters.