CUMBERLAND - The Frankfort girls bowling team is undefeated (6-0) in the Allegany County Inter-Scholastic Bowl-ing League Adjusted Di-vision, while the Falcon boys bowling squad is leading the Adjusted Di-vision with a record of (4.5-1.5).

Southern tops the Girls division with a 6-1 record and the Campers sit on top of the Boys division with a 5-0 record. The Allegany boys team has rolled over Southern (30-6), Mountain Ridge (30-6) and Calvary Christian (36-0) to re-main undefeated going into the New Year. Josh Pfeiffer (250), Chris Palasik (242), Jer-emy Campbell (233) and Josh Shirey (257) rolled high games in Allegany’s matches. Southern’s Anthony Lucas had a high game of 203 and a 599 set. Second place Keyser (5.5-.5) defeated Frank-fot (28-8) and Hamp-shire (32-4) behind Josh Brinkman’s 214 game and Dylan Wofle’s 223 game. Darron Taylor had a 223 game for Frankfort. Third place Southern’s record is 6-1 with wins over Frankfort (28-8), Mountain Ridge. Bishop Walsh, Calvary Christian, and Hampshire by the scores of 34-2. Southern’s Anthony Lucas rolled the highest game so far with a 277 and a 660 set against Moun-tain Ridge. Kris Tusing had a 212 game while Bishop Walsh’s Lian Schwab had a 222 game.  Mountain Ridge de-feated Fort Hill (32-4) and Bishop Walsh (33-3) with Cobey Fair having a 210 game and Alex Staggs a 202 game for Mountain Ridge.  Fort Hill’s Jaryd Williams had a 199 game then rolled a 226 game in their win over Bishop Walsh 28-8. Liam Schwab also bowled a 205 game in that match. The boys Adjusted Division has Frankfort (4.5-1.5) in a close race with Mountain Ridge (3.5-1.5) and Hampshire (3.5-2.5). Southern is 4-3 followed by Fort Hill, Allegany, Calvary Christian, Keyser and Bishop Walsh. Southern’s girls are in first place at 6-1 with their only loss to Hamp-shire. They have wins against Calvary Chris-tian (32-4), Bishop Walsh (36-0), Allegany (28-8), Frankfort (26-10), and Mountain Ridge (28-8). Jillian Inglese led her team with a 190 game while Frankfort’s Olivia Gill had a 177 game. Hampshire is in second place with wins over Southern (22-14), and Keyser (34-2), and Bishop Walsh (36-0) but losing Fort Hill (10-26). Alexis Ravenscroft (H) has rolled  181 while Re-bekah Rhodes (K) had a 158. Fort Hill has wins over Bishop Walsh (36-0) and Mountain Ridge (26-10).  Timberlynn Barnhart has rolled a 224 game while Brooke Hawkins had a 156 game. Frankfort beat Keyser while Allegany won over Calvary Christian by the scores of (22-14).  Caitlyn Uhl (AL) had a 204 game while Ashleigh Burgess a 154 and Cheyanne Cole a 162 games. Allegany also defeated Mountain Ridge 20-16 with Caitlyn Uhl a 167 and Kiersten Shirey a 157 game. The Adjusted Division has Frankfort with a 6-0 record ahead of Fort Hill at 4.5-.5.  Frankfort has post-ed wins over Allegany, Southern and Keyser while Fort Hill has de-feated Bishop Walsh and Mountain Ridge.  Fort Hill tied with Southern in the first match of the season. Mountain Ridge is at 3.5-1.5 while Southern at 4.5-2.5, Calvary Chris-tian at 2.5-2.5, Hamp-shire at 2.5-3.5, Keyser 1-5, Allegany .5-4.5 and Bishop Walsh 0-5.