& Frankfort opened their
cross-country seasons by
running an annual dual
meet against each other.
Both teams ran battling
the heat that spiked just
as the race was beginning.
In the boys race Frankfort’s
Derek Alt and Keyser’s
Hyuma Kori ran together
through two miles
until Derek Alt surged to
separate over the last mile
taking first place in a time
of 19:43. Frankfort’s Ben
Ridgel followed closely
behind in third place.
Keyser’s Darius Redman
took forth place. Then
Frankfort would take six
of the next seven places.
Frankfort’s Kyle Watson
5th, Ryan Zirk 6th,
Zach Dalonges 7th, Robby
Weaver 9th, Bryce Sines
10th finished in the top
ten with Keyser’s Drew
Everline splitting up the
group in 8th place.
In the girls race, Abby
Beeman ran shoulder to
shoulder with teammate
Corinna Strietbeck to finish
one-two in identical
times of 25:21. Frankfort
would take the top seven
spots with Frankfort’s
Sara Brinsfield taking 3rd,
Alexis Pendergast 4th,
Chaysie Barnes 5th, Katie
Digon 6th, and Kathleen
Wirth 7th. Keyser’s Nadia
Smith took 8th and
Frankfort’s Chloe Nash
and Jenna Itani took 9th
and 10th respectively.
Frankfort and Keyser
Girls teams run next this
Saturday in the Knights
Relay at Preston High
Varsity Boys 5000 Meter
Frankfort: 22
Keyser: 37
METER RUN -- 1. D Alt
(Fra) 19:43.00; 2. H Kori
(Key) 20:17.00; 3. B Ridgel
(Fra) 20:37.00; 4. D Redman
(Key) 20:47.00; 5. K
Watson (Fra) 20:50.00; 6.
R Zirk (Fra) 20:55.00; 7. Z
Dalonges (Fra) 21:10.00;
8. D Everline (Key)
21:16.00; 9. R Weaver (Fra)
21:48.00; 10. B Sines (Fra)
21:52.00; 11. D See (Key)
22:00.00; 12. W Ack (Key)
22:34.00; 13. X Shoemake
(Fra) 22:38.00; 14. H Faulk
(Key) 22:46.00; 15. J Long
(Key) 22:48.00;
Varsity Girls 5000 Meter
Frankfort: 15
Keyser: INC
METER RUN -- 1. A Beeman
(Fra) 25:21.00; 2. C
Strietbeck (Fra) 25:21.50;
3. S Brinsfield (Fra)
27:35.00; 4. A Pendergast
(Fra) 31:43.00; 5. C Barnes
(Fra) 31:51.00; 6. K Digon
(Fra) 32:54.00; 7. K Wirth
(Fra) 33:35.00; 8. N Smith
(Key) 33:55.00; 9. C Nash
(Fra) 34:37.00; 10. J Itani
(Fra) 35:42.00; 11. S Sions
(Key) 36:40.00; 12. H
Louk (Fra) 36:48.00; 13. A
Griffith (Fra) 37:07.00; 14.
J Wheeler (Key) 39:25.00;
15. J Cordial (Fra) 43:35.00;