The Cumberland Heat 18U Softball Team is smoking hot after blazing through 5 teams in a row to win the USSSA C National championship.

Danger: Extreme Fire Hazard - Proceed With Caution.

The Cumberland Heat softball squad started the tournament like a damp campfire after a thunderstorm. At times small flickers of life were spotted, but unfortunately not enough firepower could overcome the 8 runs scored by the Finksburg Lady Lions. The final score was 8-6 and the loss sent the Heat tumbling into the losers bracket. 

Although the team struggled to catch fire in game 1, credit the Cumberland coaching staff for rebuilding a bigger bonfire for game 2. They found the right mixture of logs, kindling, and gasoline to ignite a Heat wave that would become unstoppable. At the time, nobody knew an atomic explosion would ensue. The Heat players lit the match early in game 2, which quickly fueled into an offensive explosion. The Cumberland Heat grilled, smoked, and charred the Lady Hornets of Hickory 12-3. 

In game 3, Cumberland faced another team nicknamed the Hornets. This team was from Severna Park and this Hornet coaching staff was confident they would douse the Cumberland offensive inferno. The Heat responded by quickly smothering the Severna Park offense and eventually the Hornet hive flamed out, as Cumberland won 7-1. After posting 19 runs in two games, the Cumberland Heat had made a statement to everyone in Sterling, Va., "Danger: Extreme Fire Hazard Area - Use caution when taking the mound." 

Next up for Cumberland was Team Sudden Impact. The players on the Sudden Impact squad were perhaps overconfident because they had beaten the Heat earlier in the week. According to my sources, the Sudden Impact coaching staff was prepared to battle the lethal offensive firepower of Cumberland by hiring Smokey the Bear to give the pregame speech. Smokey provided good advice to the Sudden Impact pitchers and pointed out,

"Only you can prevent wildfires!" Smokey the Bear

After that, the team received a giant bear hug, but apparently the players failed to listen to his advice.

Meanwhile in the opposite dugout, the Cumberland Heat continued to raise the temperature offensively & defensively. In the end, Team Impact was torched 8-1 by this boiling hot softball squad .

Its true the Cumberland Heat found the most difficult path to the championship game, but somehow this long journey just strengthened the team. The mental confidence offensively and defensively just continued to get stronger and stronger. The big question entering the title round; will Cumberland continue riding this heat wave of momentum and win the National Championship?

In order to win the national championship, Cumberland still faced an uphill battle. The Heat needed to win back-to-back games against powerhouse Finksburg. In game 1 of the championship round, the Cumberland Heat pitchers were throwing straight fire on the mound. The Heat suffocated the Lady Lions offense while posting three runs of their own to secure a narrow 3-1 victory.

In game 2 of the championship round, it was apparent the mental mindset of Cumberland was relaxed and confident. Facing their 5th elimination game in a row, the Cumberland players were experienced under pressure. Once again the Heat pitchers tossed flames from the mound while the Heat hitters simply scorched the jittery pitchers from Finksburg. The Cumberland Heat 18U Team won the championship game in convincing fashion 6-1 over the Lady Lions.

The Cumberland Heat overcame incredible odds to win the USSSA C National championship. Now a Public Service Announcement for softball teams nationwide,

"The Cumberland Heat is extremely dangerous with the ability to set fires in all conditions, spread furiously & burn intensely. National titles for opponents may be subject to loss."