KEYSER--The Potomac State College Catamounts beat the Chesapeake College Skipjacks 101-60.

KEYSER--The Potomac State College Catamounts beat the Chesapeake College Skipjacks 101-60. The Skipjacks defense was powerful and put up a battle until the final buzzer but it was no match for the Catamounts. Putting up 50 points in the first half, 15 of which were scored by forward Nequan Carrington followed by 10 in the second half. His speed and agility posed a big treat for the Skipjacks defense. With such an enthusiastic crowd, it was clear that the Catamounts were feeding off the home court advantage.

The game opened off to a sluggish start with neither team able to get their offense going in a back and forth battle for the ball until a 2-point layup was made by Justin Milstead from Potomac State followed by some impressive 3-point shots made by Nyameke “BJ” Hill, Kyle Jackson, and Scott “JR” Kerr . The Skipjacks could keep up as far as endurance. But without the 12-point put up by Raymond Williams in the first half the Skipjacks would of fell far more behind the Catamounts; ending the first half of the game with 50-27 and the Catamounts secured a big lead.
Coming into the second half of the game the back and forth battle for the ball continued but the Skipjacks offensive looked far more determined to put up points and take the lead. After three minutes, they seemed to get heated up with two consecutive 3-point shots by Tevion Johnson and Theorlodins Howard but it wasn’t enough to get them ahead. The Catamounts defense was strong in preventing the Skipjacks star player Raymond Williams from making shots.

Chesapeake’s forward Renard Lane brought the crowd to their feet as he made an extremely impressive one-hand dunk bringing the Skipjacks up 2-points but still falling short of taking the lead and with 20 seconds left on the clock Potomac States Casey Elza scored a 3-point shot bringing the Catamounts to 101 points.
This was the final home game of the season for the Catamounts. They will travel to Columbia Maryland to take on Howard Community College on Monday in hopes of another victory to add to their 15-5 record.