The Keyser Library is currently giving away book bags. These bags come to us compliments of Mountainview Veterinary Services located here in Keyser. The bags are free and will be given away while supplies last.

By Connie Sutton
Mineral County Library
The Keyser Library is currently giving away book bags.  These bags come to us compliments of Mountainview Veterinary Services located here in Keyser.  The bags are free and will be given away while supplies last.
The Keyser Library Lego Club started up again last week after a summer hiatus.  The theme for the first meeting was “Haunted.”  The children were asked to make something haunted or scary.  After all, Halloween is coming.  My favorites include The Haunted Laboratory created by Chloe and The Haunted Forest of Doom created by Ashlynn. These creations, along with others, are on display at the Keyser Library.
The Burlington Library continues to recognize October as National Bullying Prevention month.  A paper chain of kindness decorates the library.  The Burlington Primary School first grade class and the fourth grade class recently added links to the chain.  
The librarian at the Burlington Library has chosen one of her favorite Halloween books (“Five Little Pumpkins”) to read at story-time today at 4:30 p.m.  A pumpkin craft will be included in the afternoon activity.
The Fort Ashby Library book club meets tonight at 6 p.m. to discuss “Look Again” by Lisa Scottoline. The Fort Ashby Library Story & Craft time is Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and features the book “Pumpkin Time” by Katie Mcky and the participants will be decorating pumpkins
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Often libraries are fortunate enough to have a local author donate a copy of their book to the library. The Keyser-Mineral County Library system was recently given three copies of a new children’s book written by a native West Virginian. Each library (Keyser, Burlington and Fort Ashby) now has “Rocco the Buffalo” and the “Lost Toothbrush” written by Liz Somerville and illustrated by Yoko Matsuoka.   
Liz Somerville is from Pendleton County and a WVU graduate.  On her website Liz quotes the author of the popular Ramona Quimby books, Beverly Cleary, “If you don’t see the book you want on the shelves, write it” as one of the reason she starting writing.  
This delightful children’s books ticks all the boxes for a terrific picture book for children with rhyming text (and not too much of it), illustrations that complement the story, a theme appropriate for pre-school children, a clear simple plot, and a gentle lesson on being nice to a sibling. So thanks to Liz Somerville for the donation.  
Stop by the library to check out this charming book where Rocco the Buffalo “discovers his toothbrush is missing and learns how to find lost things, treat others right, and teaches his brother Otto how to brush his teeth to keep them clean and white.” (author website)
Also new on the children’s shelves at the Keyser Library is “How to Track a Truck” by Jason Carter Eaton and illustrated by John Rocco.  
“Want a pet truck?  Rumble up to this handy guidebook offering everything you need to know.  Bone up on habitat: monster trucks like abandoned parting lots; moving trucks live in busy neighborhoods, ice-cream trucks and snowplows migrate in the winter.  Pick the right breed for your home (a car transporter in a small apartment would not be a wise choice). Learn to identify your truck by its tire tracks, and soon, with the lure of some orange cones, you’ll have a loyal vehicle following you home, a happy hum under its hood.” (Barnes & Noble)