After much planning and hard work by a great group of folks, the Millstone Barbeque Library Benefit Pig Roast was a success.

By Connie Sutton
Mineral County Library
After much planning and hard work by a great group of folks, the Millstone Barbeque Library Benefit Pig Roast was a success.  
It appeared to me that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. Who would not?  The weather could not have been better for sitting under a canopy in a freshly mown meadow, eating well, and listening to live mountain music.
This all started about two months ago with Jim Thrush of Millstone BBQ and his suggestion that he “cook a pig for the library.” And let me tell you that man can cook a pig!  
I was fortunate enough to get to see the pig Sunday morning before Jim removed it from the smoker. Truly, it was a thing of beauty.  You can see a picture on the Keyser Library Facebook page.  
I learned just how much time Jim donated to the library, along with the pig, when I saw him in the restaurant kitchen “pulling pork” for some hours.
Jim received an endorsement from a man from Texas, who sported a fine cowboy hat, and commented, “This is better barbecue than I can get in Dallas.”   I did not learn his name or how he came to be in Burlington, West Virginia.  Perhaps it is best he remain anonymous.  He might not be allowed back in Texas with a comment like that.
Many people helped make this event a success. First United Bank and Trust sponsored the desert.  Marla of Marla’s Main Street Bakery baked a delicious peach crisp which was topped with ice cream.  Debbie Seldomridge and Karen Campbell, who is a member of the Keyser-Mineral County Library Board, provided the baked beans and Anna Campbell provided the potato salad.  Jim Thrush provided the cole slaw along with the pig.  Josh Arnold of Flower’s Baking, who regularly delivers supplies to Millstone Barbeque, donated the buns.
Local musicians from the group Rebel Union, perhaps better known as the Agnew family and friends, provided wonderful music.  I always enjoy listening to them.
A great crew of folks came to help set up borrowed canopies and tables and the chairs, which were loaned to us by the Mineral County Parks and Recreation.  
Library board member Mary Kaye Staggers cleaned every chair and managed the beverages.  Keyser library staffers Madeline Jackowski and Dea Clayton joined the crew.  Dea made her brother Chris come as well.  Jeff Pyle, another library board member, was on hand along with his daughter Cindy and her husband Bill, setting up canopies and tables.  Karen Campbell brought her husband John, Ruth and Frank Upton from Burlington and Ginny Kline from the Potomac State College Library also came to help.  
I may have forgotten someone who came to help and if so I apologize.
There is one more group of people to thank.  And that is everyone who bought a ticket, and came out to enjoy our pig roast and support the libraries of Keyser, Burlington and Fort Ashby.  I hope everyone who attended had a good time.  The library team certainly did and we have all agreed, we will do this again next year!