Save the Date! Mark your calendar for Sunday, Sept. 10. Millstone Barbeque in Burlington is having a pig roast to benefit the Keyser, Burlington and Fort Ashby libraries.

By Connie Sutton
Mineral County Library
Save the Date!  Mark your calendar for Sunday, Sept. 10.  Millstone Barbeque in Burlington is having a pig roast to benefit the Keyser, Burlington and Fort Ashby libraries.   
There’s a back story to this event. One Friday evening recently, I made my regular trip to Millstone Barbeque for ribs. I do love their ribs.  I was chatting with Jim Thrush, owner and barbeque master, and he said to me, “How about I cook a pig for the library?” Now that’s an offer one doesn’t refuse. Especially when Jim said he would provide the pig at no cost to the library.  
This will be a ticketed event with tickets sold in advance so Jim knows how big a pig to buy. Tickets will be $15 per person.  Children age 5 and under get in free.
Tickets will be sold at the Burlington, Fort Ashby and Keyser libraries. So stop by a library and you’re your tickets for the Library Benefit Pig Roast on Sunday, Sept. 10, from 4-7 p.m. at Millstone Barbeque in Burlington.
Events at the libraries this week.
The Fort Ashby Library will have their closing Summer Reading Party on Thursday at 2 p.m. at Brookdale Farm.
On Saturday the Fort Ashby Library book sale gets underway and runs until Saturday, Aug. 12.  Book sales prices are $1 for a hardback or trade paperback book, 25 cents for mass market paperback books or a plastic grocery bag full of book for $5.  There will be a wide selection of adult fiction, Christian fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.  
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If you like authors Nicholas Sparks or Kristin Hannah, then you might like debut author J.P. Monniger’s “The Map That Leads to You.”  
“Two strangers take the road less traveled...  Heather Mulgrew’s world is already mapped out: she is going to travel abroad with her friends after college, come back to a great career in September, and head into a life where not much is left to chance. But that was before an encounter on an overnight train introduces her to Jack, a passionate adventurer who changes the course of her journey and her life.  Throwing Heather's careful itinerary to the wind, they follow Jack's grandfather's journal through post-World War II era Europe - Vienna, Budapest, Turkey—exotic places that serve only to heighten their feelings. As September looms, Jack urges Heather to stay with him, to keep traveling, to give in to the romance of their experience; Heather convinces him to return to the United States.  Jack has a secret that could change everything. And Heather’s world is about to be shaken to the core.” (Barnes & Noble)
New on the shelves in picture books for children is “Chicken Story Time” by Sandy Asher.
“Children will know that they are in for some poultry-themed hijinks from the first page of this off-kilter story, as a chicken spots a poster for “story time at the library.” As kids stream into the library, the chicken gives readers a knowing glance—she’s ready to make her move. She’s friendly (“The children like the chicken. The chicken likes the children”), well-behaved, and attentive, so the librarian is chill about it (after all, “everyone loves story time”). But as chickens and kids show up in ever-larger numbers (one chicken even slips in through the book return slot), crowd control becomes difficult and proper library behavior goes out the window. What’s a librarian to do?” (Publishers Weekly)