KEYSER - On Thursday, July 13, Keyser discovered a sewer leak on Carskadon Lane next to the Keyser municipal pool grounds.

By Terry Liller
Keyser City Council
KEYSER - On Thursday, July 13, Keyser discovered a sewer leak on Carskadon Lane next to the Keyser municipal pool grounds.  
It was determined that the problem posed a threat to New Creek and it was immediately reported to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.  
Work began early Friday to isolate the eight-inch terra cotta line that was in question and evaluate its condition. It was decided that the line (approximately 295 feet) from the pool parking lot entrance west to Rt. 220 needed to be replaced.  
Crews worked continuously during the weekend and into the following week to complete the line replacement, expecting to finish late Wednesday night or Thursday. The primary purpose of writing about this is not the incident, but to illustrate the typical attitude of a good group of City employees.  
Included in this group of employees, day and night, was Pete Holloway, Teddy Nester, Rob Paugh, Randy Haggarty, Jimmie Baker, Bobbie Pritts, and Don Hall.  
As usual, Randy Amtower (city administrator) was there day and night in the thick of the job. Randy is a micro manager who can’t stand not having hands-on involvement in these jobs. The city benefits continuously from his work ethic.  
And Jim Hannas is on medical leave, otherwise he would have been completely involved.  Additionally, there were others helping in various ways and if I have failed to mention any name, it is entirely unintentional.
While Johnnie Beckman was hired to do most of the digging (the line was seven feet deep) with a large excavator, the overall cost of the job is estimated to be half or less than it would have cost to contract out the entire job.  
Keyser is fortunate to have such a group of workers.  Some will say (as they usually do), “well, it’s their job.” Is it really? This crew knows they will be subject to call out because of the demands in keeping utility systems operating. But we can seldom force employees to respond. We hope they will, but not everyone can respond to every emergency. These employees gave up whatever plans they may have had with their family on a beautiful weekend in July to keep the city viable.   
My hat is off to this group. I am thankful every single day for the hard work and dedication I see with city employees,  You should be, too.  
So when you see city employees, thank them for what they do. Everyone likes to be appreciated.