Today the Burlington Library celebrates their summer readers with a party at the Burlington School playground, just across the lane from the Burlington Library.

By Connie Sutton
Mineral County Library
Today the Burlington Library celebrates their summer readers with a party at the Burlington School playground, just across the lane from the Burlington Library.  
The party begins at 5 p.m. with a bounce house water slide!  Bring a bathing suit and change at the library or just get your clothes wet.  The library will be serving hot dogs, drinks and snow cones and asks that attendees bring a covered dish.  T-shirts will be given out to the summer reading program participants.
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New titles on the Keyser Library shelves today include three books from bestselling authors.  If you like mystery, suspense and thrillers try these new books.  If you prefer a kinder, gentler read these titles are not for you.
Suspense author Ruth Ware’s newest title is “The Lying Game.”  According to Kirkus Reviews, you should “Cancel your plans for the weekend when you sit down with this book, because you won’t want to move until it’s over.”  
When Isa Wilde, the narrator of this engrossing psychological thriller gets a text—“I need you”—from old friend Kate Atagon, she knows she must drop everything in London and go to Salten, a town on England’s south coast, where the two attended Salten House, a cut-rate boarding school. Doctor Fatima Qureshy and casino dealer Thea West, who also attended Salten House, receive the same message.
At school, the four girls perfected what they called the Lying Game, with myriad rules and intricate scoring. An incident that caused the girls to leave before their senior year looms large as Isa, Fatima, and Thea gather at the house where Kate has always lived with her father, Salten’s art master. Kate informs the group about a riverbank discovery—a human bone—that could unravel the foursome’s 17-year pact of silence. Alternating between the past and present, Ware builds up a rock-solid cast of intriguing characters and spins a mystery that will keep readers turning pages to the end. (Publishers Weekly)
Author Saul Black’s riveting follow-up to 2015’s “The Killing Lessons” puts a fresh spin on the familiar scenario of a cop drawn into a game of cat and mouse by an imprisoned serial killer in “Love Murder.”
San Francisco homicide detective Valerie Hart is called in to investigate a murder when a note addressed to Valerie is found taped to the victim’s body. Years earlier, Valerie put beautiful and brilliant Katherine Glass (“the most hated woman in America”) behind bars for a series of brutal videotaped murders. Now, Katherine’s still-at-large partner in crime demands that she be released, or the killings will continue. He leaves a series of elaborate clues that only Katherine can decipher, giving Valerie no choice but to engage with the alluring killer. Black (a pseudonym for writer Glen Duncan) explores themes of love and trust, and doesn’t shy away from Valerie’s complex emotional world. Sharp plotting and snappy dialogue propel the action to an exciting conclusion, though readers should be prepared for graphic violence, especially early on.  (Publishers Weekly)
New from author C.J. Box is “Paradise Valley,” the third installment in a series (after “The Highway” and “Badlands”).  Cassie Dewell has been suspended from her job as chief investigator for the Bakken County, North Dakota, sheriff's department, when her plan to capture the serial killer known as the Lizard King went badly awry. Pending an investigation, Cassie uses her free time to probe the disappearance of three Grimstad residents, including her son's friend, Kyle Westergaard. Clues lead Cassie to Paradise Valley, MT, childhood home of the Lizard King. Here, Cassie and her late partner, Cody Hoyt, had first uncovered the highway killer's gruesome deeds. With the help of mountain guide Bull Mitchell, Cassie tracks the Lizard King and his three captives to a remote cabin where, in a climatic finale, she comes face-to-face with the man she has long hunted. Box's many fans will devour this dark thriller, which is sure to be another hit for the author. (Library Journal)