All around us, and all over the world, people are hurting. People are suffering, tragedies greatly affect our lives, and many struggle to live day by day.

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
All around us, and all over the world, people are hurting. People are suffering, tragedies greatly affect our lives, and many struggle to live day by day.
Here in our own small towns, some have no place to call home, some have lost family members to addictions and catastrophic disease, and some cannot bear for the sun to rise - knowing that somehow they must get out of bed and face another day.
We all have our own stories. We each have failed at one time or another to measure up. We each have had to deal with challenges in life that have been sad...difficult...even harrowing and horrible.
But, I am writing today to share a really positive, family-friendly event that is being sponsored by a local Christian rock band called Sirens on Sunday (SOS).
According to Jake Everline, "SUMMER JAM '17 is offering this neighborhood event on Friday, July 14, from 6-9 p.m., and we want to give back to the community and show what loving one another is all about! Everyone is welcome...everyone."
The fun will take place at South End Park, Keyser,  (across from McDonalds on Route 220). Everything is dogs, hamburgers, pizza, sodas, bottled drinks. For the kids, SOS has rented a 20-foot-long obstacle course bounce house, and Cheyenne Weisenmiller will paint children's faces all evening long.
Kicking off the evening at 6 p.m. will be Madyson Rayner, who will sing the national anthem as a salute to all veterans and service men and women in our country. Madyson is a student at Keyser High School, and is active in local performance arts. Personally, I have seen and heard Madyson perform, and she is spectacular on stage!! Thank you, Madyson, for being part of this grand event!!
Other happenings at this community party will be music, a set by the four musicians of SOS, and an outdoor movie and fresh-popped popcorn for all. The movie being shown will be "Big Hero Six."
Sirens On Sunday is a Christian Rock group with a loving heart for others, as well as creating opportunities for fun and an exciting atmosphere for anyone who attends one of their events!
SOS likes to cut up and joke around with the crowd, but also everyone can leave with a positive and encouraging word.
If you haven't been to a SOS event or concert, definitely consider coming to this party to celebrate life, a sense of community and a chance to get to know your neighbors.
Members of SOS are:
Josh Marsh (vocals/bass) - "There is nothing better than playing music with friends for good causes."
Dave Funkhouser (drums) - I enjoy playing with SOS because it's really fun, and it's a way to use creative energy."
Kacee Everline (keyboard/vocals) - "Music is such a powerful way to communicate with so many people at one time without having to have a sit-down conversation with them. I want to be able to do that in a way that I can share my love of Jesus."
Jake Everline (vocals/guitar) - "I believe in using the gifts that God gave me for His glory and to be a light in this be a reflection of His hope and love."
Sirens on Sunday has a favorite Bible verse that they keep in mind when coordinating concerts and events: "As iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another" Proverbs 27:17
"We strongly believe in working together with people in making a positive change in this area. There is so much negativity and hate in this world, and the only way we can make a difference is to all come together and do this arm in arm," adds Jake.
I have been following this band for several years. In fact, last year when southern West Virginia was devastated by deadly floods, SOS quickly put together a "WV Rising" event to assist with funds and community donations for their southern neighbors. Nearly $3,000 was raised, and much, much more in the way of clothing, food, cleaning supplies and other needed items. SOS spearheaded the community-wide event - networking with local businesses and churches to make it all happen. I was there. I was so inspired by these three gentlemen and their love and service to God and community.
SOS has now welcomed Jake's wife Kacee to their band, and the ministry continues. What a marvelous group of young people. I am very sure their families are very proud of each and every one of them.
When I have seen them perform, I have noticed quite a charming young man - Remy "The Animal" Everline - son of Jake and Kacee. And is he ever the cutie pie! He's learning to play the drums, and I say, "Look out Dave! You are looking at your job replacement!"
Anyone who decides to come next Friday, July 14, will have the chance to meet Remy. You will recognize him as soon as you see him. He follows his daddy around everywhere he goes!!
As for the Summer Jam, come join us! Lots of fun, great food, terrific live music and singing, and a movie and popcorn. Bring your chairs or blankets, bring all of your children and grandchildren, bring your mom and dad. There's no better way to spend a Friday night than with friends, family and music.
For more information, you can email, visit Sirens on Sunday on Facebook, or call Jake at (304) 790-1333.