KEYSER - The annual Keyser Middle School Eighth Grade Awards ceremony was held at Keyser Middle School on June 7.

KEYSER - The annual Keyser Middle School Eighth Grade Awards ceremony was held at Keyser Middle School on June 7.
Outstanding eighth grade students Virginia Breedlove, Trenton Burns, and Graci Crites were chosen as class speakers during the event.
Seventh grade students Hunter Powell, Averi Smith, and Alec Stanislawczyk assisted during the awards ceremony by serving as program attendants.
Awards and student winners are listed below.
Perfect Attendance (Perfect attenders are identified.  All others are Faithful, which is five or less absences): Draetius Allen (perfect), Tyshawn Allen (perfect), Sierra Hester (perfect), Shane McGuinness (perfect), Remington Agnew, Dakota Amtower, Caden Biser, Jesse Braitwaite, Virginia Breedlove, Rachael Brinkman, Colten Burns, Trenton Burns, Isaac Cannon, Jarod Cannon, Mareena Clark, Graci Crites, Kaili Crowl, Adrian Davidson, Paige Durr, Kyleigh Fazenbaker, Stone Kesner, Jacob Malcolm, Hailey Massie, Brenna McCloud, Dakota McKneely, Kiersten Miller, Racheal Rutherford, Sarah Sions, Hannah Slaughter, Bradley Sommers, Noah Sprouse. Maranda Stottlemyer, Joshua Thompson, and Savannah Tillman.
Sara Janene Powell Academic Excellence Award: Virginia Breedlove and Trenton Burns.
Anita Morgan Award (Given to the student who has a love of language arts and is responsible, respectful and optimistic): Hannah Slaughter.
Woodmen of the World Award (This award is for the most outstanding students in American History): Hannah Slaughter and Peyton Root.
Junior Ambassador Award for Aubrey Stewart Project: Graci Crites and Draetius Allen.
Dr. John Hawkins Theatre Memorial Award: Logan Lemonds.
Science Excellence Awards (The Edison Award is given to the students who worked hardest to achieve in each class. The Einstein Award is given to the student with the highest average in each class):
Edison Award: Virginia Breedlove, Rachael Brinkman, Graci Crites, Kaili Crowl, Sierra Hester, Asia Keister, Mariah Martin, Brenna McCloud, Kobe Nash, Sierra Rodeheaver, Nadia Smith, Emma Wilt, Einstein Award:, Draetius Allen, Trenton Burns, Courtney Ellifritz, Peyton Root, Sarah Sions, Hannah Slaughter.
Kathryn Carvey Award (Given to the student who has a love of science along with respect, responsibility, and cooperativeness): Sarah Sions.
Spanish Award (Given to the student who earned the highest average for the year): Trenton Burns.
Band Awards:
Outstanding Band Student: Hannah Slaughter
Director’s Award:  Courtney Ellifritz
Most Improved:  Christian Alt
Outstanding PE & Health Award (Given to the student who shows leadership ability, positive attitude, enthusiasm, and cooperation): Racheal Rutherford and Draetius Allen.
Mattie Droppleman Award (Given to the student who demonstrates a love of social studies and shows respect, responsibility, and cooperativeness): Bradley Sommers.
Golden Horseshoe (Given to students who receive highest test scores in the county on Golden  Horseshoe exam. Award sponsored by Mineral County Historical Society): Hannah Slaughter and Trenton Burns
Quiz Bowl members: Virginia Breedlove, Trenton Burns, Isabella Donnelly, Courtney Ellifritz, Sierra Hester, Logan Lemonds, Dakota McKneely, Peyton Root, Emma Wilt.
Mountaineer Spirit Award: Trenton Burns
Accelerated Reader Awards
First place: Trenton Burns (505.1 points) – Trenton also received the third place schoolwide trophy
Second place:  Sarah Sions (360.8 points)
Third place:  Damian Thongdara (264.8 points)
Fourth through 18th place: Nadia Smith, Hannah Slaughter, Virginia Breedlove, Courtney Ellifritz, Zion Powell, Kobe Nash, Makailyn Spiker, Mariah Martin, Kaili Crowl, Haley Droll, Carlie Del Signore, Caden Biser, Vito Amoruso, Ricki Ferrell, Brenna McCloud.
West Virginia Lemonade Stand Project
First place team:  (@Lemonade Stand) Adrianna Grogan, Racheal Rutherford, Taylor Stewart, Mareena Clark
Second place team:  (Make a Wish Lemonade) Haley Droll, Asia Keister, Peyton Root
Third place team:  (Pieces of Lemonade) Aaryn Campbell, Emma Simpson, Landen Kisamore, Jesse Braithwaite
Honorable Mention:  (Lemons for Leukemia) Destiny Claywell, Isabella Donnelly, Savannah Tillman, Seirra Rodeheaver
Outstanding Salesperson: Aaryn Campbell
Outstanding Salesperson Nominees: Vito Amoruso, Conner Blacka, Gini Breedlove, Graci Crites, Courtney Ellifritz, Ricki Ferrell, Joe Fracasso, Zoe Goddard, Logan Lemonds, Morgan Loy, Shane McGuinness, Nick Poland, Taylor Stewart, Savannah Tillman, Joshua Wheeler
Computer Excellence Awards
Outstanding Keyboarding Student: Hannah Slaughter
Outstanding Computer Student:  Hunter Martin
Builders Club Member Awards: Destiny Claywell, Brianna Cosner, Joshua Courtney, Lucas Lemonds, Peyton Root, Savannah Tillman
Robin Mussen Service Learning Award (Given to two students who best embody the positive outlook and direction shown by Mrs. Mussen for Service Learning projects): Peyton Root and Savannah Tillman.
Mathematics Excellence Awards (Given to those students who achieved and maintained an A average for the year): Draetius Allen, Corey Annable, Sara Bamburg, Caden Biser, Virginia Breedlove, Rachael Brinkman, Trenton Burns, Ethan Carr, Mareena Clark, Graci Crites, Kaili Crowl, Carlie DelSignore, Isabella Donnelly, Paige Durr, Paige Foutz, Sierra Hester, Eathan Hicks, Asia Keister, Brittany Long, Mariah Martin, Brenna McCloud, Peyton Root, Tamara Saville, Sarah Sions, Emma Simpson,, Hannah Slaughter, Nadia Smith, Bradley Sommers, Makailyn Spiker and Emma  Wilt
Ethel Moffatt-Nofsinger Award (Given to the student who demonstrates a love of math, shows respect, responsibility, honesty, and cooperativeness along with being industrious): Virginia Breedlove
Communication Arts Excellence Awards (Students in Carrie Willison’s class who earned an A (93 or above) in English and Reading in class all year): Graci Crites, Carlie DelSignore, Paige Durr, Paige Foutz, Adrianna Grogan, Brandy Haines, Sierra Hester, Kyrissa Iser, Brenna McCloud, Sarah Sions, Bradley Sommers, Noah Sprouse, Emma Wilt
Travis Taylor Award (Given in memory of Travis Taylor to the Keyser Steelers football player who exemplifies character, dedication, determination, and spirit to his coaches and team): Draetius Allen and Caden Biser
Cheer Awards:  Virginia Breedlove, Mareena Clark, Paige Durr, Kyleigh Fazenbaker. Sierra Hester, Kyrissa Iser, Alexis Liller, Brenna McCloud, Kiersten Miller, Abigail Spurling, Taylor Stewart, Aaliyah Suter, Janelle Wheeler
FFA Certificates: Sara Bamburg, Virginia Breedlove, Rachael Brinkman, Colten Burns, Brianna Cosner, Carlie Delsignore, Kyleigh Fazenbaker, Jada Fleming, Eathan Hicks, Evan Launi, Cheyenne Leatherman, Adam Lewis, Alexis Liller, Hailey Massie, Reuben Pancake, Zion Powell, Sarah  Sions, Makailyn Spiker, Emma Wilt
C. Neff Wimer Award (Given to students who help, aid, or assist, and offer support to other students – especially students who are not in the “mainstream” of the school): Emma Simpson and Petyon Root
Cleta Perry Memorial Award: Brandy Haines
Partnership Award: Sarah Sions
Local School Improvement Council members: Peyton Root, Sarah Sions, Abigail Spurling
Student of the Month during Grades 5-8: Drae Allen, Christian Alt, Vito Amoruso, Corey Annable, Caden Biser, Virginia Breedlove, Rachael Brinkman, Kila Bullett, Trenton Burns, Aaryn Campbell, Mareena Clark, Arleigh Crites, Graci Crites, Kaili Crowl, Richard Delawder, Carlie DelSignore, Jeremiah Dolly, Paige Durr, Olivia Durst, Courtney Ellifritz, Jada Fleming, Paige Foutz, Adrianna Grogan, Brandy Haines, Jessica Hanlon, Sierra Hester, Jakob Hickey, Kayle Hickey, Eathan Hicks, Stone Kesner, Cameron Kile, Logan Lemonds, Jacob Malcolm, Mariah Martin,, Hailey Massie, Brenna McCloud, Shane McGuinness, Anthony Miller, Kobe Nash, Nicholas Parrish, Seirra Rodeheaver, Peyton Root, Racheal Rutherford, Emma Simpson, Sarah Sions, Hannah Slaughter, Nadia Smith, Bradley Sommers, Noah Sprouse, Taylor Stewart, Savannah Tillman, Janelle Wheeler, Emma Wilt
Atta-Boy or Atta-Girl Award: Ricki Ferrell
Presidential Awards:
Silver Awards: Kyrissa Iser, Isaac Cannon, Ethan Carr, Claire Del Signore, Adrianna Grogan, Sara Bamburg
Gold Awards: Draetius Allen, Corey Annable, Caden Biser, Carlie Del Signore, Asia Keister, Mariah Martin, Peyton Root, Sarah Sions, Hannah Slaughter, Nadia Smith, Noah Sprouse, Emma Wilt
Top Gold Awards: Graci Crites, Virginia Breedlove, Mareena Clark, Trenton Burns
Kelly Day Memorial Award (Given to one boy and one girl who best demonstrate honesty, responsibility, and hard work): Bradley Sommers amd Hannah Slaughter
Boyce Houser Award (Given to one boy and one girl each possessing outstanding citizenship, moral character, intelligence and good behavior): Trenton Burns and Sarah Sions
Principal’s Award (Given to one boy and one girl showing the most outstanding citizenship and academic performance): Drae Allen and Gini Breedlove.