PRINCETON, W.Va. (AP) — A tractor-trailer hauling more than 2,000 pigs overturned on a highway in West Virginia.
Local outlets report the truck driver told Corporal J.M. Ellison with the West Virginia State Police that another big rig ran him off the road on Interstate 77 Thursday afternoon.
Firefighters, state troopers, deputies, and highway workers removed the approximately 2,300 pigs from the trailer, from where their squeals were audible. Responders sprayed water into the trailer to keep the pigs cool.
Ellison estimated that more than 1,000 pigs died as a result of the crash, with some euthanized at the scene. The pigs weighed 12 to 20 pounds each.
The pigs were collected at the scene by farmers, shelters and other individuals.
Department of Highways worker Daniel Thompson says he'll "never eat pork again."