Fifteen years ago, Brian and Kimberly Norris celebrated the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Of course, they thought she was the prettiest little baby they had ever seen this side of heaven.

By Trish Morgan
For the News Tribune
Fifteen years ago, Brian and Kimberly Norris celebrated the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Of course, they thought she was the prettiest little baby they had ever seen this side of heaven.
And, like every parent, they loved and nurtured this little baby - doting on her and enjoying many special activities and milestones in her life.
Around the age of 4, little miss Ally Norris discovered the guitar. In no time at all, she started to learn to play and sing along. She found that when she had that guitar in her hands, it was a feeling like nothing else. It felt right. It felt at home.
She continued learning how to play, and when she was 7 years old, she wrote her very first song after the death of a loved one. Can you imagine writing a song at that age?
From there, Ally says it was a tumbling effect. In addition to playing the guitar, she found a passion for the English language, and discovered how meaningful it was to write about to write about things the we all have in common.
At the age of 10, she started performing publicly. She soon was mastering her instrument, and was setting her sights on perfecting her performances by taking private voice lessons with Nicole Skidmore. She drew inspiration from many around her who encouraged and mentored her, and she was eager to improve her music and connect with her audience.
Now, at the age of 10 when many little girls are into scouts, 4-H, dance and ballet lessons, sports, pageants, theatre - or even a little less involved in extra-curricular activities and just enjoying riding bikes or playing with dolls or swimming in the backyard pool - Ally was involved in a kid's band organized by parents of a friend of hers who knew and understood the gifts that Ally needed to share.
In addition to this new band, Ally began taking private piano lessons with Tanis Ridenour, although currently, she has had to temporarily stall those lessons because of her very busy performances and concerts.
Ally is 15 years of age today - having written and composed 17 original songs. One day, she hopes to have those songs copyrited. Another dream of hers is to get an album made and published that would include some of her own songs, as well as covers from other artists.
In speaking with Ally, I was so impressed with how comfortable she is with her life. When I was f15, I was writing, too. But, it took me years...many years before I was confident enough to share my writing with others. Writing is a very personal thing. We put our thoughts, our dreams, our passions to paper...and sometimes we bleed and cry as we do so. And, to share that...sometimes it is very difficult.
As for Ally, she says, "Of all the problems I face in life, they don't matter when I take the stage. I hope that I can reach one person out let them know they are not alone...that their problems or challenges are most that we all face."
Her life is quite full. Ally is a tenth grade student at Allegany High School, Cumberland - where she is a straight A student. She loves art as much as she does music, and English and creative writing are amongst her favorite things to do. She has a brother, Alex, who rounds out the family of four, and then there's Daisy - the family dog.
She performs an average of two shows a week - sometimes solo, sometimes with the All Norris Band with Greg Larry and Ken Nolan. There are many local area establishments that have given Ally the opportunity to share her musical gifts. Some of those are Embassy Theatre, Thirsty's, Mezzos, The Churchill Pub & Restaurant, Fat Dawgz, Good Fellowship Club, adult day cares, Country House, Shooter's Bar & Grill, The Kensington, Mountain State Brewery, Grantsville Legion, Cumberland Covenant House, Schnitt's Saloon in Morgantown, Frostburg American Legion and many more.
Not only is Ally busy with home life, school and performing, she has to make time for practicing her guitar and piano, and writing her songs. She even does re-writes of old songs she wrote as a young with a more mature, young adult perspective. Thus, the life of a gifted artist. And, such gifts God has provided to her to hone and share with the world.
Some of Ally's original songs she performs on stage include "Chains,” "Rainy Days,” "Is This It?" and "Stronger Not.” She finds inspiration from simple things - like reading and everyday life and problems faced along the way. She considers her music to be mostly rock and pop, with a hint of country.
Folks who will be attending Keyser’s Fourth of July festivities will have a chance to enjoy this young lady's Ally Norris Band from 3-5 p.m. at the South End Park amphitheatre (across from McDonald’s). They will be performing favorite cover songs, some of Ally's originals, and crowd-favorite country, rock and pop songs.
Other activities on Keyser's Fourth of July will include vendors, food and beverage concessions, Nacho & Chili from 6-9 p.m., swimming at the Keyser Pool from 6:30-9:30 p.m. ($2 per person)...and FIREWORKS!!
For more information about booking Ally Norris for area events businesses and organizations, email me at Or, message Brian Norris in Facebook.
This young lady is going places...anywhere her talents and gifts take her. Come hear and see her perform. She will amaze you, she will inspire you, and she will take you down memory lane...time and time again.