SNOWSHOE, W.Va., June 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Snowshoe Mountain is
the region's #1 resort for carving turns on skis. Now, motorcyclists
have discovered that West Virginia's twisty, low-traffic roads are
some of the nation's best for making turns on two wheels.
"We've been planning to ride West Virginia for years, and are excited
to base our September Motomarathon out of Snowshoe," said John
Metzger, Motomarathon founder. "This region is tailor made for our
long-distance motorcycle sport-touring format."
The West Virginia Motomarathon is set for Sept. 28-Oct. 1. For a $50
fee, participants receive precisely engineered routes for four days of
daylight riding. Motomarathon routes are kept secret until the night
before each day's ride. Participants complete a series of
self-recorded checkpoints, photographing their badge numbers at
designated landmarks.
Each rider will receive a paperback copy of Metzger's new book,
Meditation by Motorcycle - Riding Your Carbon Footprint to the Apex of
Enlightenment, now available as an e-book on After writing
Motorcycling Through Midlife in 2013, this is Metzger's second book.
For further information and to register, visit Contact: John Metzger,,