At last a religious official that is willing to uphold God’s laws concerning sexual deviancy. Congratulations to Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo who stood down a Catholic committee that would have allowed a homosexual to serve in a key position.

The homosexual ‘steamroller’ that has buffaloed all major businesses and states in compliance with their agenda has also silenced most pastors who fear to make mention of them.

I know of Catholics that are urging Bishop DiLorenzo to take action on Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine who is a member of the Richmond Diocese. Kaine, who is an honored man, champions positions that are in opposition to the Bible and Catholic law - homosexual marriage, allowing homosexuals to adopt children, transgender outrages and abortion. Kaine claims he is against the killing of babies as in abortion but he is hypocritical in his supporting votes for abortion rights. Kaine is probably President Obama’s key supporter for these assaults against God’s commands, second only, maybe, to Sen. Harry Reid. These may be the reasons he was chosen to run as vice president to extend Obama’s legacy.


Greene Hollowell