Many contributed to success of
Energy Express ’10
To the Editor:
Energy Express 2010 has ended once again. As usual it was a very, very great six weeks.
We had a wonderful site coordinator, mentors, volunteer coordinators and adult and youth volunteers.
The cooks were wonderful, as were the custodians and bus drivers.
The foster grandparents really played a big part in the program. Everyone worked so well together.
We thank everyone who helped with the program. We especially want to thank all of those who donated to sponsor a child and those who donated items.
To Mr. David Albani, Dr. Tom Denne, Mr. John Campbell and Mrs. Paula Athey, for all your help, thank you.
As we said before, this was another plus for Energy Express.
This was our 17th year and we are looking forward to the 18th.
Thanks to the News-Tribune for the news coverage. We appreciate all that was done to keep Energy Express successful.
Helen Cullen
Sponsor a Child
Margaret Miltenberger
WVU Extension Agent
Gerri Mason
FRN Director