Petition opposing water hike needs 520 signatures
To the Editor:
I have been approached by several people asking about a petition to protest the water rate increase the City Council approved on Aug. 11.
The Public Service Commission rules require 25 percent of the customers to sign a petition within 30 days of adoption of the new rates. This means 520 signatures of city of Keyser water customers would have to be acquired on a petition by Sept. 9, and mailed immediately to the PSC.
I inquired of the PSC, what if one person or entity paid more than one water bill (more than one meter). They told me the customer was to sign as many times as they have meters, and then list each address where a meter is located.
I do not have the time to try and circulate a petition, but anyone can draw up a petition and circulate it in their neighborhood. If you want a sample petition, call me and I will see that you get one.
I hope my letter is helpful to those who are concerned about what the City Council has done.
David C. Harman