Tribune Correspondent

FORT ASHBY — For many years, the Mineral County Historical Society has recognized members for their efforts in historical preservation with the Order of Crozet, the society’s highest honor.
Cody Pancake is the newest member of the order, which commemorates the life’s work of Colonel Claudius Crozet.
Crozet accepted the challenge to create the original Route 50. He served with Napoleon, attended West Point and went on to be the state engineer for Virginia.
 “It’s an honor for me to present this award,” said Vice President Frank Roleff noting that when Pancake was selected to serve as a trustee that it wasn’t for his profession as an attorney, but that Pancake has been able to guide and advise the board of directors.
Pancake played an integral part in the historical society receiving its 501C3 non-profit status for contributions.
He has also been instrumental in the preservation of two historic properties that would have been lost.
Pancake took an interest in the Millar-McCarty Stone which is located off Patterson Creek near Headsville and has worked with the property owner to clear the area of the stone and preserve it for future generations.
A second property that Pancake worked to keep intact is the Barrick Cemetery located adjacent to Pine Swamp Road. The family cemetery was discovered during excavation for the Potomac Plaza.
“Thank you for your expertise and enthusiasm,” said Roleff.