After reading the recent article published in the Mineral Daily News Tribune, by Liz Beavers, I would like to present the public AND the Mineral County Commission with a few questions.  First and foremost, I would like to ask the County commission what “We the People”   means to them?  In all fairness, I was not present at the meeting, but there seemed to be an air of overconfidence conveyed by their statements.  “We the People”, does NOT mean just the people on the committee—it encompasses the entire community of Mineral County.  The community voiced their opinion.
Their opinion was obviously disregarded.  Since when, in our country, does the “knowledge” and opinion of THREE county commissioners override the opinion of others who have the right to have their opinions heard, respected and taken into great consideration. 
Do the liberal county commissioners KNOW without a doubt, what is better for ALL the people.  Do they (the commissioners), know more than the West Virginia Open Meetings Act.  These laws were implemented to prevent exactly what is happening!
How could three people ignore suggestions made by community members? There is no room in any US government for single handed, superior assumptions.  The bottom line is--the community wanted adjustments made, and they were obviously ignored.
We wonder why this country is in the condition it is in… all starts in counties like ours and works its way higher and higher.  We, as the people of this great nation, need to take a stand NOW and stop this conceited behavior.  We matter!  Personally, I have not been very political in my life, but I am urging everyone to step up.  I am planning to investigate our county laws and become more aware of my local, state and federal government.  I challenge the citizens of our great community to go to
county and city meetings.  Learn what you can.  Make our representatives responsible for their actions.  Make your opinions heard.  Let’s make our community, OUR community.  Government does NOT know better than the citizens.  Fundamentally, this attitude is destroying this county and sadly, this nation.  Our founding fathers wanted a country where the people had input in there government.  The more I learn, the more I see aspects of socialism and communism creeping into our government.  As long as we allow, government officials to behave in an arrogant manner, they
will do whatever they deem appropriate.  We have to challenge the egotistical control that government is assuming.
Finally, I have to ask—shouldn’t we have this situation investigated by an ethics committee?  If we overlook this, like so many other items, we are going to continue to be muted members of society.   What will become of our community? Our county?  Our state?   Our country?   Let’s put “people”, back into “WE THE PEOPLE”.
Helen Dale Smith
Mineral County